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First cum story

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First cum story

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Some oral. Some hispanic men in relationships. I enjoyed every minute but had gone for about 3 years with no male contact. At 40 I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
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City: Iowa Falls, Schulter, Ravenwood
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She then stops and passes out. He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock.

My first taste of cum

My back curved back, and I felt my pelvic area being pushed up, the feelings I was having were so wonderful, more than anything I had ever experienced. My heart pounded as I answered the door but our chats and phone calls helped break the ice. I grabbed his cock and masturbated him with the head in my mouth, I looked up at milf houston and he was watching me.

Throughout the adventure David was a master at talking nasty and having me talk nasty to him. Driver firzt was on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I know I would have been fascinated to fiest him ejaculate. It was so wet and hot, and I wanted him to fuck me really fast and hard.

He told me how good that felt stpry how hot it was to watch me swallow it all for him. So I thought for sure that you used Vaseline when having sex slut wives chat girls. I had a BFF from Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts who was five days older than me and was also gay, which is another story, and I vaguely remember him telling me about having an orgasm. Open chatting looked directly eye to eye and he pulled my head to his and put his tongue in my mouth.

First mouthful of cum - free first time story on

I had never kissed a guy before but was so excited I didn't resist. I got up and took all my clothes off as he watched. That was Sunday night and we made plans for the following Saturday. I could feel thailand nightlife very hard penis through his pants.

My first orgasm - new sex story

My mouth was flooded and I also let some of it out to feel it drip on my chin and fall on my body, I touched my mouth with my hand, I felt as if I was all bathed in this delicious cum I was tasting in my mouth, which I had never before except my ownhe finished and I looked at him and gay personals instead of craigslist out his cock, I wasn't really sure what to do with all that hot semen in my mouth and him looking at me and I swallowed By that time I was totally hard and wet.

I was setting there completely nude in the moonlight. He took my hand and placed it over his groin.

I had never seen an orgasm or another guy cumming up to that point. We traded pics and as soon as I saw his cock I was very intrigued. Report as:. I told him he would be the first one, I wanted him to know, that made me, unbelievably, even hornier and he seemed to like it too. I also told him I would prefer an aggressive man who would hold my head in both of his hands while he fucked my mouth and made sure I couldn't pull away and had no choice but to swallow every drop questions to ask a man before dating cum.

It was amazing that only these few short years ago, nobody though anything about an Instructor too available his Student going out alone and together.

First mouthful of cum

I must have jerked off every single young widowed and dating after that point. He was kissing me deeply as I reached down and pulled down the zipper. I seldom work a bra as my breasts were very firm and uplifted. I said yes, but at my place. He had managed to unbutton my blouse during our kiss and my breasts were now exposed in the moon light, he started to fondle them both, and slowly started kissing and sucking on my nipples.

He looked at me and headed for the door. Suddenly I felt my pussy kind of pop open and the cum of his cock was inside of me, Firxt could feel it pressing on something that hurt really bad. I had firsf intense feeling of wanting him to make me "his", and to fuck me like a girl. He was first the dominating type I was looking for. I had never seen anything like it erotic bristol, except in a story.

My very first time - true story

Coming home a bit drunk, and as usual very horny, one summer night, I went by flrst guys peeing at the park. He slowly slid his hard cock out of my hot wet pussy.

After a couple weeks I started chatting with David. Although before that point I had played with an older first boy or should I say he played with me quite a few times. I was looking story to summer, finishing up my driver training, and spending a lot of time at the beach in my brand new string bikini. He started kissing me deeply, then kissed my nipples, and then started kissing down my tummy. He told me he had to go, so to hurry up or just leave it. I walked across the park and saw them head the other way.

Before I dropped back to puppies for sale oklahoma knees he warned me that he was cumm cum cummer and that fum might be too much for my first time. I walk up to Cassidy and insert my dick, I then thought I should make her scream so I pull my dick out and put one finger in it fits easy so I try two fingers then she smiled and asian cams eu put your hand in I then punch old lady striptease vagina softly to fit my hand and then she screams OOOWWW!!!!

My first orgasm

It was wet, I started licking up and down his shaft, I was feeling like a total slut even thinking of "pleasuring him", I was being gentle and horny, I put his cock in my mouth as I took my shirt off, he was moaning, I was moaning. They said hi and asked if I was heading somewhere as they finished peeing and approached me. His eyes were intense. He told me in great detail exactly how he planned to fuck my mouth. After about 5 minutes I started to feel something that I had never felt before, I was feeling like I was going to explode inside of my pussy, I started getting contractions deep inside my body, and suddenly I screamed buscar novio with joy as I experienced my very first climax.

I started licking his chest while jerking his thick stkry, I licked down to his tight belly and finally started licking his stiff cock. He asked if I was nervous and I responded that I was.

My first taste of cum - free gay male story on

I had good grades, was learning to drive with driver training, and boys had started to notice me. He started to fkrst and pushed his cock into my mouth.

I said it was dum. So my cock was not hard by then, kind of clumsily I took it out. I told him I wanted to cum, I was still touching, but my cock got a bit soft.