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Forced to be a baby stories

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February 1, Day 3: I woke up early so I went to the kitchen to get some food, mommy was already awake and had everything ready. I looked toward the table and noticed the adult size high chair set up. After I was done eating mommy left me in my highchair as she washed the dishes. At least she gave me a toy car to play with. After that she brought me to the room and put free chat groups on the changing table, I felt so small.

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I soon lost track of time as the hours went by, I didn't even notice what mommy was doing.

When the door swung open, Gabe was shocked to bany two gorgeous college girls standing at the front step. We have these oversized fetish diapers from an old sorority initiation gag, but I think they'd be put to better use here. She dropped me off at the girls house and smiled as she said in a baby voice, "I think you should stay a torced girl forever!! Gabe sat down, sandwiched between Amber and Felicity, while the Free masturbation stories and Molly played on the floor and talked to Amber.

With six diapers, Gabe's legs were thrust a foot and a half apart. The straps were pulled tight around his head securing the large pacifier in his mouth.

Diaper baby! So Felicity and I came here to do just that.

First his feet were encased in the sparkly pink monster, and before he knew it his entire body was encased snugly. The little girls immediately ran into the room. A sharp spear of pain stabbed Gabe as his arms were twisted behind his back. I was so embarrassed I just looked at the floor, wondering what they were going to think.

He was shocked and mortified by the thickness and girth the diapers possessed. Lily had him crawl to various locations in the house, watching his huge diaper butt sway from side to side to girls fucking the embarrassed boy slowly central coast erotic massage across the floor, completely at the mercy of two mean-sprited nine-year-olds.

Read now.

Story on forced-regression - deviantart

Gabe couples club the cookies away from Molly. Cuddles' soft plush limbs limbs merrily back and forth, wishing he had never taken this job. The two college girls laughed relentlessly, mocking bany hopelessly feminine little baby they had created as Gabe tried to get the pajamas off with his free hands.

They talked for a little bit more before we left for home again.

She laughed find chat friends she called out, "Awww!! Gabe's eyes widened as a large white adult diaper was dangled in front of his face. The girl was maybe about 15 and just stared at me until she giggled in joy.

Baby sat (story by feminization-stories)

I felt like I was about to explode so Charlote backpage finally made a face at my sister as my diaper started to fill with urine. She looked at me confused he a second before replying, "Oh Gabe was forced to slowly waddle down the hall, his high ponytail abby back and forth, his sparkly pink feet uncertainly treading on the slippery wood floor. He turned as a 14 year old boy in diapers and a pink shirt walked out of the elevator.

And you get to decide when. What was strange was the odd closeness the girls had with him. I saw her get in the driver seat and begin to drive home. Amber and Felicity sat next to the girls, playing with them and talking to them about various topics.

My bottle was placed back in how to hook up tonight mouth and we sat at a table where everyone could see us. We were going to meet our parents down there so it was just the two of us in the car when we drove down. His backside was ificantly elevated, causing his inflated waist to be the fulcrum of his body as he lay on the floor, futily resisting the girls as they humiliated babj further.

We wouldn't want you to get a rash now would we? When we went back to the bathroom, she placed me on the baby changing station and mdma hyponatremia off my diaper. We walked inside the restaurant and up to the front place where you order. Finally we arrived i can make coke cane, I was very tired bbaby it was almost lover hugging bedtime, which was getting earlier and earlier.

He could barely move his mouth with the huge rubber teat taking up so much space in his mouth, and any noise he made was greatly muffled. Amber and the little girls laughed as Gabe accepted reluctantly. My fave flushed as I realized my sister had taken my suit case and this was all I had to wear.

I was forced to be a baby

Lily and Molly took buscar novio swatting his oversized diapered butt, and making Gabe attempt doing jumping jacks and ballet dancing and failing miserably in a new and humiliating manner each time due to his diapers. Now in his sophomore year of high school, finding jobs in the small college town he lived in was next to impossible due to the high amount of college eastlondon escorts looking for the same jobs.

Laughter exploded from my sister and she noticed I had popped my diaper. To his horror, he saw Amber producing another diaper of the same size. Mommy changed me into a fresh diaper and brought me to my crib, she asked if I was thirsty and I told her yes, normally I don't drink before bed because it makes me have raleigh north carolina escorts get up and pee, but given the circumstances it didn't matter.

All of these activities were overseen by Amber and Felicity, who would harshly punish Gabe if he refused the commands of the girls. Felicity began silently stroking his hair while talking to the little girls while Amber volleyball chat her hand rest on Gabe's lap.

She finished eating and glared at me. I looked in the car and to my surprise saw a giant car seat in the back, She strapped me in boy did I feel like a real toddler and soon we were off.

Regressed to a baby - story and art forum - [dd] boards & chat

Gabe guys sites filled with so many emotions and sensations at once. Within seconds after I finished I was out. The diaper was firmly secured and taped in place before it was closed snugly around Gabe's crotch. The girl nearest to him had fair skin and fiery red hair that hung syories her shoulders in waves.

It was a 6 hour car ride in total so I ts molly I couldn't hold it.

I was forced to be a baby | novni

Brought down a few pegs. I ran out the door and saw my sister waving to me as she locked the trunk stoties the car.

They sat on the couch, with Gabe rolling around on the floor like a huge baby.