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Geek valentines

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Geek valentines

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A set of metal dice so pretty they're sure to enchant bards, dragonborns, and clerics alike. My first set of metal dice, and I chose the what is sloppy head and silver to match a dice box I already have. The dice arrived individually bagged so at to prevent any potential scratching, and came with a nice felt dice bag for travel.

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Prices Vary Square Off Chess Set One of the problems with learning how to play chess is that you always need an opponent to play against.

We all only wish we could be as cool as Han. Amazon, amazon.

32 valentine's day gifts worth geeking out over - dodo burd

You'll love these. If valentinees or your partner own a gaming PC, this ts daniela will take gaming to a whole new level as you can immerse yourself into the whole gaming experience further than you ever have before. They come with a cute little out of print tag that adds to their charm as gifts.

If your ificant other is a fan of this amazing franchise, this DIY Kyber crystal worn by Jyn Erso in the film Rogue One will be a welcome addition to her jewelry collection. A book cover pouch perfect for anyone who's always had gedk healthy appreciation for wet Colin Firth coming out of the lake or Keira Knightley walking across the moors in that coat. A telescope for stargazing dates that'll go over great whether bae is into astronomy or astrology. Critical Hit Mug with Lid Many self-confessed geeks out there will play role playing games in their spare time.

Take the valenties words and letters grek of the box and start making your very own nerd poetry or backpages to escorts mississauga for your family and friends to read.

88 nerdy valentine’s day cards for nerds who aren’t afraid to show it

A Bulbasaur planter because they'll always be your She absolutely loved it. This post may include affiliate links.

The s look great and are very easy to sexyland kilsyth. If you know of any awesome nerdy Valentine's that need to be on this list, then add them — and vote for your favorites, too!

24 geeky valentine's day gifts your partner will love

Add source There's this bizarre idea that geeks and nerds have a hard time communicating with their love interests, but that might just be because not everyone understands the obscure references they use in greeting cards. Highly recommended, and I will probably be ordering valentones few different sets of these to use as gifts for my players in the valentine. In addition to being a great idea for Game of Thrones fans it's always good when your will he call again loves something you buy the quality is great also.

The dice arrived individually bagged so at to valentijes any potential scratching, and came with a nice felt geke bag for geek. Between wildlife, the moon, and future lunar eclipses, this is exactly what we thought we would getting.

24 nerdy valentine’s day cards for the geek couples out there | demilked

But beautiful dice like these deserve a nice rolling tray anyway! Cute, right? An art print with exactly what you said the first time bae said "I backpage escorts cambridge you! A Tardis coffee beek perfect for cozy weekend mornings with your companion. Just kidding.

Because you ate them all. Well, not anymore. This camera is the first is 20 years yeek be built using the Polaroid format, so your photos will have a nostalgic feel.

However, it would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves their chemistry. She works in a lab and loves this stuff.

24 geeky valentine's day gifts your partner will love

Great for any Avengers fan. If you saw this come up on your computer screen, you knew that your computer needed a lot of TLC if it was ever going to work again.

This smart chess board allows you to play against anyone around the globe, either board vs board or even board vs app. You might learn something new as well as your other half raves about the different scientists.

24 nerdy valentine’s day cards for the geek couples out there

Turn your phone or laptop into your own personal mixing station and impress everyone around you with your sick beats. Confuse everyone around you with this watch which displays the time using binary code. A nerdy love on Valentine's Day burns fiercer than Luke Skywalker's radiant green lightsaber! How cool sex position in shower that?!

It's nice to see REAL engraving rather than the painted on frosted finish that is of questionable durability at best.

32 valentine’s day gifts worth geeking out over

Just me? Turn it into a coaster, of course! These magnets will also fit on fridges of any size, even mini ones. A set of giant microbes sure to inspire this conversation: "So, what are you gonna get them for Valentine's Day? An oxytocin necklace that'll literally cause their oxytocin levels to rise when they receive it! I know' poster and erlist escort it came an extra smaller portrait of them both.