How to Buy the Right Kid’s Basketball Shoes

Kid’s basketball shoes or youth basketball shoes come in many colors, styles, brands and designs. In most cases, your child may want may want you to purchase their basketball shoes for them because of the way they look, their friends think they are the best basket ball shoes or because their favorite basketball player may be wearing them. While this may seem like a valid reason for them to believe that is the reason that you should be buying “that pair” of basketball shoes for them, it is not the most important one. The most important criteria you should use when buying kid’s basketball shoes are how well it supports your child’s ankle and how do they fit.

This reason is extremely important as your child is still growing and because of this they have a greater chance of being injured. Therefore, it suggested that when buying a basketball shoe for your child that you purchase ones that are high-tops. The reason for this is the high-tops provide additional support to the ankle. This additional support will provide stability to your child’s ankle and can reduce the likelihood of your child twisting their ankle; therefore, reducing injury.

Kids Basketball Shoes

Another import element in addition to the basketball shoe being a high-top shoe is that the shoe fit properly. The basketball shoe should fit your child’s foot snug; however, not be too tight. If the shoe is too loose, your child could develop:

  • Blisters
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Knee, ankle and or hip injuries

Why Tying Your Basketball Shoes Correctly Matters

It is also important to make sure your child’s basketball shoes are tied correctly. If they are tied loosely they will not provide the stability that is needed to protect their ankles and can lead to one of the issues listed above. Additionally, if they come undone they can cause your child or someone they are playing with to trip and fall. Therefore, possibly leading to other injuries such as a broken hand and or finger.

Treads Matter

The grip of your child’s basketball shoe is another aspect to consider when buying their shoes. They will be running up and down the court and cutting back and forth; therefore, they need to be able to stop and cut without slipping. This will be true for any playing surface such; however, it is extremely important if they will be playing on a wood court – as wood courts can be slippery due to sweat or dirt.

Where Should You Buy Your Basketball Shoes?

Many of the same basketball shoe stores and websites that sell basketball shoes for adults also sell kid’s basketball shoes. However, you should make sure that the store or website can answer any questions that you may have about the shoes you are looking to buy. They should also be able to provide suggestions and point out the key features and construction of the shoes. If they cannot, we suggest you move onto another store or website that can. You should be ready to spend anywhere between $50 and $125 dollars for your child’s basketball shoes. The price will vary based on brand, popularity and if endorsed by a professional basketball player – such as Lebron James shoes.

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