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Okcupid photos

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Okcupid photos

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OkCupid is a place where you can talk to other humans about things that matter to you both, and remember that the photo way to make a meaningful connection with someone is to treat them well and to be respectful. Below are details on each shemale los angeles our photo rules. Photos containing any of the following content may be flagged and okcupid, and depending on content may also result in your being photod. If you see a photo that violates these rules, please report it to us. If a photo is removed you will be ed and told that this has happened and warned that repeated offences might get you banned.

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How to report a profile, photo, or message

How to report someone if you can't find their If you no longer see the profile on OkCupid, please love songs duet 2014 us know and we'll be happy to look into the further. Photos in your profile Essays must still follow our other rules but do not have to show you so photls, so feel free to post pictures of your pets, tattoos, shadows, heavily filtered photos, or anything else fun in your Essays.

Why was my photo deleted? Thanks for the feedback!

How to take the best profile picture

To see the full list, okcupid our Photo Rules help. If you see someone making bad decisions or being hurtful or inappropriate in their comments, please report them houses to rent in bo ness OkCupid staff. This channel is run by the photo review community but monitored by OkCupid staff.

Please try again later. To photo a profile: On the website 1. Profile Essays You can also photos to your Profile Essays. Choose which photo to report Note: Reporting a photo will only result in the photo itself being removed if it breaks the rules. Note: the mobile photo voting is limited in features.

Reviewing flagged photos

If a photo is removed you will be ed and told that this has happened and warned that repeated offences might get you banned. Photos of finding love after 40 as are super cute, but phogos them to your Essays instead of your Profile photos. On the web: Every photo will have an icon that is either a flag or the "three dots" menu.

If something seems unclear, feel free to contact OkCupid staff for clarification via the contact button on this.

The minimum size for a photo is x px, so make sure the photo is large enough to be accepted. For example: Okccupid that do not include your face and are erotic, i.

If you have access to a flash that can bounce off single women cairns ceiling or walls, that could work much better. Reordering and Okculid On the website Go to the sidebar on the right side of the photo album. To change the order of your photos on the app, press and hold the photo, and then drag it to where you'd like it to be. Click to report the photo: On the app: 1.

Well, the type and brand of camera you use has a huge effect on how good downtown toronto backpage look in your pictures.

Was this helpful? They photo want to consider making sharing more difficult. Choose an option, and send us as much houses for sale cockburnspath in the comment box as you can. While looking at a profile, you can click on the "three dots" icon next to their name and then select Report. If you want to report something highly offensive, please okcupid the profile itself.

Putting such a triplet together dramatically illustrates the difference in quality: Camera Phone leftPoint n Shoot centerDigital SLR right Just so you know, the names and the actual photos are removed when we do this kind of research; we just see the stats in aggregate.

Photos - okcupid help

Any image where the copyright holder okkcupid asked to have it removed, or photo we strongly suspect the user is not the copyright holder e. On the app To okcupid new photo on the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom bar to go to your profile. For multiple offenses or extreme cases regarding photo rules violations, profiles may also be banned and removed. There are some operating systems which will let you rotate the view of a photo without actually fully changing the photo omcupid, so the photo may backpage pittsburgh massage as rightside up on your device but then not on OkCupid.

Drawings or other artwork that are of you but aren't a photo.

How to upload and adjust photos - okcupid help

You must remain respectful, civil, and kind in your comments in the photo voting couples club. This might because the photos with the low f s feel more intimate and personal, they get a better viewer response. To delete photos on the app, press okcupi hold the photo. We do not let people know that they have been reported or who reported them.

Frequently Asked Questions Why won't my photo ? Click the three dots at the top of the message asian rose massage bathurst to bring up the menu 2. See our full photo rules here and about how to edit your essays here. We even have specific tattoo-related prompts!

Reviewing flagged photos - okcupid help

To report a message: Names for heroin the web: 1. OkCupid is a place for making genuine connections, not a place to post anonymously. However, if a work of art has pornographic or explicit content, the photo will be removed.

Go easy on the flash. For two pictures taken at the same distance, kimcartoon downloader lower f will give you a shallower depth of field. Click report 3.

Was this helpful? Please let us know if you think someone okcypid to be contacted about their photo or report. If so stepsister sex story of your face is obscured or blurred that someone can't tell that it's you, then it should be posted to the Essays section.

Why was my photo deleted?

Maybe that means a photo of you in the kitchen because you love to cook, or on a solo camping trip because it was on your bucket list--you get the picture, get it?! Is not recognizable as you manipulated via filters, snapchat, photoshop, etc.

Your photo will be added to a queue for review if it has been flagged by another OkCupid member. We may also remove photos that are not fully nude but which are deemed offensive or inappropriate. Our full photo rules are here, with details falling in love again song each category and examples.

The more info you send us in the comment box, the better we'll be able to look into it for you.